Privacy statement

Privacy statement

I, as the creator of Disruptor OL, am strongly committed to protecting your privacy. Invasion of your privacy is kept to a minimum.

  • My products or demos do not contain spyware, adware or any hidden 'phone home' functions.
  • Customer information is never shared, sold or otherwise divulged.
  • Your credit/debit card details are never stored on my internet servers.
  • I do not use testimonials or 'name drop' your company for advertising purposes.
  • During ordering, I store the minimum set of informations to process the order and meet the local accounting and tax laws.

If you have any concerns about privacy please email me.

News announcement list

All mail addresses in this list will be used only for news announcements related to Disruptor.

The addresses will not be sold or given away. They will be deleted, if they are not needed any more. Deleted addresses are not stored.

The mailing list processor logs the following items:

  • ip number, when clicked 'submit' and when validating
  • type of request (add/remove/validate)
  • mail address

In case of abuse, please report at