Hidden links

The trick with hidden links

You might have learned, that clicking on the 'remove' link at the end of a message to sign off the advertisment is a lame promise: All you do is to certify that you are a total fool: it is simply the detector that this message reaches a lifeform that actually reads the spam until the end and is dumb enough to click on something.

So: don't click. Never.

But with HTML-Mails there is a way more easy trick to verify that the message is read: include an image with a special link. This link contains an unique ID an will show up in the webserver log of the sender if Outlook shows the image.

Disruptor OL removes all external links. Instead you get a . Look at this example:

This function removes every external reference hidden in the HTML source. Links to images, cascading style sheets (css), to external javastript, to java, flash or activex-objects. Just everything.

You can choose to do it for every message or spam only. White listed users are excluded.