Fast co-processing


Disrupter OL is a co-process (tech talk: a thread) within Outlook. This means it waits that Outlook has downloaded the mail and then starts processing it.

Due to the co-process nature, it does not add any traffic to the message download like other filter- or pipeline-spam solutions do.

Even the internal speed of Disrupter OL is irrelevant: it can process messages any time after they have been received. It is possible to shut down Outlook and restart it next day: Disruptor will process the remaining messages from last mail exchange! You can continue using Outlook without even noticing that Disruptor OL does its work.

Remark: due to its co-process nature, Disruptor might need more or less time to process the messages. Current co-process settings are designed for optimized foreground reactions of Outlook and other applications.

First daily startup might be slow due the internal housekeeping.