F.A.Q. Problems


Q I get duplicate messages!

This happens on some systems. Reasons are a little bit unclear. But nevertheless there is a solution: Setup|Extras|Delayed Message Checking Startup and set this value to 30 seconds. This will delay message processing about some time. if it works you can try to lower this value.

Q Something messes up my clipboard!

Yes, and it is Disruptor OL!

To make a long story short, it is needed to put the fancy icons into the Disruptor OL menu and for en/disabling them. Believe me, there is no other technical solution.

To get rid of the messing up open Setup|Extras and check "Disable Clipboard manipulation (needed for icons in menubuttons)".

Q Disruptor does not move some messages!

Sometimes this seems to be an Outlook problem.

Try to move the message by mouse into a different folder. If it does not work, Disruptor OL can't move the message, too. If this works, you found a Disruptor OL error.

Q After installing Disruptor OL, Outlook needs 100% of the CPU

This might be a confirmed problem Outlook 2000 SR3 'Internet Only' has with appointments.

Read http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;811167 and follow the instructions.

Q My toolbars are broken!

Right click on the toolbar, choose Customize, select the Disruptor toolbar and simply delete it.

After the next start of Outlook it should be created new and be working now.

Q The tray icon mail envelope does not disappear!

A nightmare!

Actually the icon should appear, if new mail is received. And disappear, if the first new item is read. The 'reading' seems to be implemented by GUI-actions in Outlook (like clicking on the message or this icon). And not by tracking the state of these messages.

If you search in groups.google.com there are a lot of threads that describe this problem.

I really don't know how to solve this problem. Ask Bill to fix the problem!

Sidenotes: Actually I would need to detect several situations:

  1. new valid mail comes in -> icon appears
  2. new spam comes in -> icon does not appear
  3. new mail and spam comes in -> icon appears
  4. valid mail has come in before, icon is still there, spam comes in -> icon stays

This will create a programmers nightmare, because I needed to keep track of all these situations. Detecting the icon, keeping track of what the user does and the icon disappears...