F.A.Q. Rumors


Q Can I lose all my mail?

Not by default and not with default settings. And not easily with Disruptor OL.

And, as far as I know, not by program errors. Until today, I got no mail about *any* partial or complete mail loss.

To solve the 'lose all mail' task with Disruptor OL it would need the following:

  1. Enter Setup, first tab has an option to delete spam messages instantly. If you check this option,
  2. you have to answer an additional warning question with yes. Then you have to
  3. add a filter that marks every message as Spam and you have to
  4. activate this filter.

After that you successfully created a setup to delete instantly all incoming new mails.

But the existing mail?

They are not affected by this setup. To even delete them, you have to recheck all mail folder with the above settings. Use the MORE-button and 'check folder' for every folder. Voila!

Conclusion: Yes, it is possible to lose all mail. But as you see, it must be done by intention, you need at least four setup steps to do that.

If you don't check the 'delete spam instantly' option there is no way for Disruptor OL to delete mail.

Hint: if you want to delete all your mail, it is easier to click with the right mouse button onto any mail folder and choose "delete the folder".

So if anyone tells you, that Disruptor OL deleted his mail, you know what to think about him.


Q It crashed my Windows XP! I had to reinstall it!!!!!!1

I don't think that you tell the truth.

We know many rumors about Windows XP and its stability. And yes, it is possible that a simple application can kill Windows XP and cause an Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). But a reinstall? Can't imagine that.

During the developement of Disruptor OL it *never* caused a BSOD, I didn't have to reinstall my Windows. I never got any mail about that topic.

I don't see any critical code in Disruptor OL. The techniques used are some basic COM-things, some extended MAPI-calls and the usual high level programming language stuff.