Where are the files?


This *beep*-piece of *beep* marks everything as Spam!

How can I...

Backup all my settings?

Tweaking DNSBLs

Understanding the different types of DNSBLs
How to choose the DNSBLs?
DNSBLS don't hit, but 'Check DNSBLs' does. Why?

Tweaking Filters


Tweaking Blast

Sometimes a message is not rated as spam by blast, but if I recheck, it is!
How to set up BLAST?

Whitelist, Auto-Whitelist and Blacklist



I get duplicate messages!
Something messes up my clipboard!
Disruptor does not move some messages!
After installing Disruptor OL, Outlook needs 100% of the CPU
My toolbars are broken!
The tray icon mail envelope does not disappear!


Can I lose all my mail?
It crashed my Windows XP! I had to reinstall it!

This FAQ is still an outline of comming solutions. Please bear with me, while I collect the items and fill them in.

If you have a question you want to see answered here, don't hesitate to write me a note: disruptorfaq@hlembke.de