Expression Builder

Expression Builder

The Expression Builder offers a visual feedback about the rules, the headeritem and the result of the expression-execution.

The easiest way to create a working filter is archived by selecting the mail you want to filter and use the 'Add Quickfilter' menu.

First you need to select a filter name and a group. Groups are usefull to keep the filters organized.

Don't forget to make the filter aktive!

Than select a header item you want to look into:

Disruptor OL grants access to all message headers and some 'pseudo-headers' like 'any-sender', 'any-recipient' or 'match' (the entire header). If the wanted header item is not in the list, simply enter it.

Then grab the data from the current message and copy it into the 'expression' field. This can be done easily by clicking on Next choose the 'match mode': This example shows a simple 'match' or 'equal' filter:

The magic light opens the 'Condition Assistant' dialog to select the match-mode:

After selecting the condition wisely, you need to choose the actions, perhaps some options and an optional expiration date:

These settings are the most common settings: its spam and filters can stop processing ("We got it! Don't waste any more time on this message!").

Hit enter and you are done.

If you want to communicate filters, use the two buttons at the left bottom:

The left one copies the current filter into the clipboard, the right one copies the current clipboard content into the filter. So try this example, mark the following lines

filtername=von GMX

Than hit Ctrl-C and switch to Disruptor OL and use the right button. It will create the above filter with all its settings.