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Disruptor - Very common type of energy weapon. It disrupts the molecular structure of an object. At low energy amounts, the object can recover, but at high energy amounts, the damage is severe. When he crashed on Earth in 2151, Klaang used a disruptor to detonate methane in a farm silo and kill the Suliban who were pursuing him. Klaang's weapon was never named in the episode, but the script called it a disruptor. This is consistent with later Klingon weapons. (Broken Bow)

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See what Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003 has and where Disruptor OL differs!

Fight the Spam, UCE, UBE and all the dirty messages in your inbox.

Disruptor OL is a Plug-In (better: COM add-in) for Outlook 2000, 2002 (resp. Outlook XP) and 2003.

Right after the installation and next start of Outlook you get a powerful spam filter with impressive results. If one spam message is missed, it's easy to check why. And even more easy to see, what settings would have caught this message and to turn this option on.

Everything is only one click away, fully integrated into Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (resp. Outlook XP) and Outlook 2003 with simple, fresh and clear dialogs.

YOU control what is Spam and what not! With filters and the BLAST-detector it is YOUR decision what is Spam and what not. Fully transparent, selective usage, individual choice of functions.

This includes easy diagnostic: Quickly answer the questions Why is this message marked as Spam? Why is this message NOT marked as Spam? What setting is needed to mark this as Spam in the future?All the infos condensed into one simple info dialog.


  • powerful hit- or score-based Spam processing
  • Whitelist, Blacklist, Auto-Whitelist
  • powerful Spam Detectors Comparison Sheet
    • realtime blackhole lists (DNSBLs)
      with progressive cache handling
    • simple Word filters
    • regular expressions
      with super-easy Expression Builder
    • BLAST-Filter
      yet another Bayesian Believe Filter incarnation
    • language filter
  • Score Rating System
  • Message Security
    • Remove hidden links to external images, scripts, etc.
    • Remove clickable links
    • Convert RTF and HTML to Text
    • delete, export and secure potential dangerous attachments
      (even the blocked attachments! and the parts of a HTML-mail)
  • Dupe Checking (filter duplicate messages)
  • FAST, no message fetching delay
  • Organize incoming Spam COMING FEATURE (1.1)
    Choose your style to handle it:
    instant deletion, various types of
    arrangements and automated delayed
  • statistics: see what is going on and draw conclusions
  • works with all types of mailboxes
    (Pop3, IMAP, Exchange, whatever Outlook can do)
  • fully integrated into Outlook 2000, 2002 (resp. Outlook XP) and 2003
  • easy configuration
    No extra configuration, just one click . No additional application to start, instantly multi-account enabled, easy maintaining.
  • customizable toolbars
    Control what you need, what buttons you want to see and your style of usage.
  • Transparent for PGP and other mail encryption tools
  • no problems with corporate firewalls and other blocking tools
  • international versions available with instant translation:
  • No hidden fees, no runtime fees, try before use, so no broken promises.
    Pay once, get your version and unlimited updates for this version.
    (Fine print: perhaps there will be an upgrade fee for a future major version step.)
  • Compatible with

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The current version -- 2008-10-15

While downloading, read my privacy statement and the update notices.

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Installation & Configuration

Installation = Update

  1. Copy the installation file into a temporary folder.
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Run the setup.
  4. Done.
You need to close Outlook and restart it to activate the COM-Addin. Sometimes Outlook may not really terminate, so in case of difficulties double check it with the task manager.

Configuration and Introduction

Read the detailed setup guide. Lots of pictures, less text.


Just install it on top of the current version, current settings will be preserved. But read the update notices about changes.


Disruptor OL is fully integrated into standard Windows installation and uninstallation concepts. Simply go to Settings|Software and uninstall it.


In case of difficulties, browse the F.A.Q. It can provide some tricks and solutions for nasty problems.


History newest changes first


Read the update notices.

  • 2008-10-15 /
    • Fixes
      • Runtime limit removed.
      • variouse fixes
  • 2008-05-04 /
    • Fixes
      • variouse fixes
  • 2007-12-12 /
    • New
      • new detector: DNSBL-URLs analyzes URLs in message body
    • Optimization
      • Setup dialog resizable and saves size/position
      • spam folders can show unread or message count
      • Statistics: Spam by Account added
    • Fixes
      • some fixes related to the GeoIP implementation
  • 2007-11-13 /
    • New
      • Feedback loop: Detectors can add spamming IPs to DNSBL-database
      • new Detector: GeoIP
    • Optimization
      • BLAST will be done on a hourly base (was: daily)
      • Spam marked by User is counted in statistic
      • DNSBL resolver is a little bit more friendly on busy lines
      • named Chars in messages are recognized better
      • Spaminfo window remembers size and position
      • Spaminfo can show message body and html body
      • Update DNSBL list
    • Fixes
      • Fixed some exceptions and rare runtime errors
      • Fixed access to huge Outlook message properties
  • 2006-08-16 /
    • New
      • Filter: Scripting
        Very very very beta. Not even documentation exists.
    • Optimization
      • Statistics can look back more than a month
      • Spam processing is slightly faster
    • Fixes
      • chained filters sometimes failed
      • some minor fixes and gui tweaks
  • 2005-02-05 /
    • Optimization
      • added some whitelist/blacklist optimizations
    • Fixes
      • fixed empty message problem
        (10 lines of code, one error, spend 2 days of my life)
      • fixed a button redraw problem occuring with Outlook 2003
  • 2004-12-31 /
    • New
      • Statistics got some more eye candy
    • Fixes
      • test Filters: Move to begin/to end now works as planned
  • 2004-10-31 /
    • Optimization
      • "Daily job" runs much much faster now.
        (Daily job is started about 15 minutes after midnight or after first Outlook start every day.)
      • Filters: Added move to start/move to end in filter list
      • Statistics display: added a wait-animation for huge statistics
  • 2004-10-14 /
    • Fixes
      • Fixes a bug in subject line decoding
        (Could stop message processing, raises 100% load.)

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Known problems and missing features

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