Disruptor OL Configuration

Configuration - First start

When starting Outlook the first time after installing Disruptor OL, you will get a Welcome screen:

Choose your style of installation! The first one is the easy one: One click and it's up running. That's all.

Manual install guide

After starting Outlook a new button in the main toolbar should show up:

It shows the main Disruptor OL menu.

Details about the menu items can be found here.

If it is the first time, you need to enter 'SETUP' and walk throu the panels.

Every panel has usefull presets, so it is almost nowhere needed to change anything.

BUT: all features are disabled for security reasons.

Let's start the configuration:

You need to enable Disruptor OL.

Then choose a prefix you want to mark Spam with. This is not really needed, if you let Disruptor OL move the spam into another folder. But it is helpfull, if you don't let Disruptor OL move the message.

Next you can choose a folder where Disruptor OL shall move the Spam into. Do not try to enter a folder name, use the 'Folders...'-button to select or to create a folder. I suggest NOT to use the folder for deleted items, because you might get false positives.

There is no need to add Outlook rules.

If you already have rules that move messages out of the inbox into other folders, Disruptor OL has difficulties to catch those messages. Please add extra monitors for these folders, if they need to be spam-checked.

Now switch to the 'Spam-Detectors' Page:

Enable the DNSBL. Don't do anything more.

Warning: Do not turn on more DNSBLs until you fully understand what different types of DNSBLs exist and what certain task they accomplish. The best way to turn on addition DNSBLs is by waiting for a false negative and use 'Check DNSBLs' to catch this type of spam.

Now switch to the BLAST-Filter page:

Enable it, if you want to use it. Perhaps you should read how it works and about its drawbacks . To be able to make a decision, you can enable it but set the activate trigger to a very high value you might not reach within a to short time. So BLAST starts learning but does not harm.

Now switch to the 'Duplicates messages' page:

Check it, if you receive lots of duplicate message. This is a not very common problem, but it happens....

Now have a look at the 'special settings' page:

You might want to leave some message types unchecked. Check those! But be warned: some Spammers send 'personal' and 'private' messages, too.

You are done now! Click OK and save the settings.

One word of warning: Do not mess around with DNSBLs or Filters unless you really know what you are doing! Some blocking lists and filters have special purpose or are very (did I say very?) strict. It is more save to take the 'check'-way from the Disruptor OL-menu and check it directly by testing it on a single message. Test it with messages that are NOT spam....

The whitelist, auto-whitelist and blacklist are enabled by default. No need to change it.

You might take a look at the message security page:

You might enable it and let Disruptor OL secure external links. 'Secure only spam' is a wise choise. For the beginning, don't mess around with file security, it could interfer with an existing virus scanner.

Just have a last look on the extras page:

You might notice some usefull functions to remember later.

Now you should simply start using Disruptor OL and let it do its job. Get used to the automated processing of items and watch the results. In case of difficulties a good starting point is the F.A.Q. To understand the variouse functions, I suggest to go to the front page and read the -items.