Clickable links

Clickable links: Uups. Sorry, I did it again!

Ok, it is convenient: In Outlook everything within a text where a click could make any sense is clickable. URLs, mail addresses, domain names, just everything.

We might not want to hear it, but the truth is: more than often we click on it by mistake and without really knowing what will happen. Be honest: Do you think about what will happen if you klick? And if you think, do you know it?

Here is the test: What will happen?

jump to

Got you? Ok, I admit, it is lame. But hiding the status line is not that difficult...

Disruptor OL does something very simple to all the clickable things: it converts them into unclickable items. They are still perfect readable and with copy-paste (and perhaps fixing some characters) you can still access the URL or mail address.

But not any more by clicking.

Links will look like: ####***

If they are hidden in the HTML source, the hidden links remover will kill them, too.