Blocked Attachements

Blocked Attachements

Due to viruses Microsoft decided to block certain types of attachments, better, decided to block certain filename extentions. This is a rather clueless idea, because noone[1] would ban blue cars, if one blue car caused an accident[2]... but its Microsoft.

The blocked extentions are common ones like .exe, .hlp or .cmd.

If you send mails with those filetypes as an attachment you get a warning. And the receiver only sees the (paper clip) but can't access the file.

Disruptor OL can grant access to the blocked files per item or auto-export the files.

To protect the innocent, the 'secure' option allows to change the extention to a double-click-save one.


[1] At least, I hope that.
[2] You better optimize the fail saifty of the system and train the driver.