Universal Spam and Threat Prevention

Disruptor - Very common type of energy weapon. It disrupts the molecular structure of an object. At low energy amounts, the object can recover, but at high energy amounts, the damage is severe. When he crashed on Earth in 2151, Klaang used a disruptor to detonate methane in a farm silo and kill the Suliban who were pursuing him. Klaang's weapon was never named in the episode, but the script called it a disruptor. This is consistent with later Klingon weapons. (Broken Bow)


Disruptor comes in three flavours. Select your use case:

    Protection for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003. It has a seamless Outlook integration that creates an outstanding usage experience.
  Protection for all kinds of POP3/IMAP capable mail clients. Includes Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Disruptor ES
  The Enterprise Solution: centralized protection with global admin control of all user accounts.


Office enabled

You are beamed to the Disruptor OL site if you don't choose your flavour within 60 seconds.